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“Diamond Heart by Berlin band, The Midnight Shower, is a spectacular grunge-infused gem that gives the alt-rock/grunge genres a refreshingly modern update”

- Pillar Artists (UK) -

The Midnight Shower is the music project of singer/multi-instrumentalist Soma Zsoter that merges the alleged opposites of grunge and rock n' roll. The Berlin-based band showcases a colorful and melody-centered repertoire ranging from high-energy electric guitar tunes all the way to mellow ballads. Their debut album ‘Step in the Light’ came out in May 2020.

The two subsequent singles/music videos ‘Late Riser’ and ‘Diamond Heart’ both became a success story on YouTube along with multiple music blog articles (e.g. IndieRepublik, Mariskalrock, Pillar Artists) and radio coverages (e.g. AlexBerlin, Aire Latino, Sword Radio) in Europe and worldwide.

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