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"Full of catchy hooks and slick musicianship, Journey serves up a timeless slice of rock and roll music that’s entertaining and memorable from start to finish"

- Plastic Magazine (UK) -

Formed in 2019 by singer/multi-instrumentalist Soma Zsoter, The Midnight Shower is a rising force in the Berlin alternative rock scene. Drawing inspiration from the captivating melodies of the 60s and the rebellious spirit of the 90s, the artist set out to blend the alleged opposites of grunge and rock n' roll.

Their debut album, 'Step in the Light' (2020) unveils a melody-focused tracklist that spans from high-energy guitar tunes to mellow piano ballads. Beyond its musical diversity, the lyrics deliver strong philosophical messages, exploring themes of inner struggles and personal development. The band further gained traction with their subsequent singles/music videos 'Late Riser' and 'Diamond Heart,' capturing audiences on YouTube and earning praise from music blogs like IndieRepublik and Mariskalrock.

In an era where superficiality often prevails, The Midnight Shower stands as a beacon of authenticity, challenging the norm and inviting listeners to join them on a journey of musical discovery.

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