Rock magazine interview

The major Spanish rock magazine, La Heavy just published an interview with the band. We are adding the English translation here as well:

How is the perception of your music connected to taking a shower at midnight?

Soma: The word ‘shower’ has two meanings in English, so the band name can either mean something silly (having a shower at midnight) or something very serious (midnight rainshower). We like it very much that both approaches are reflected by our music.

Your sound can be described as penetrative alternative rock with great efficiency. Do you feel like more of sons of the Seattle, Californian or British scene?

Soma: Well, in this context I feel like a bastard son of the 90s Californian AND Seattle scene who is torn between the two parents and never really fitting in anywhere. And of course with the grandparents being British rock scene immigrants!

It has been two years since the release of your debut album ‘Step in the Light’. How would you describe the recording process and its reception?

Soma: We are very proud of ‘Step in the Light’ as it could already show the wide musical spectrum we are aiming for. There are high-energy electric guitar tunes like ‘Flash!’ coming all the way to mellow piano ballads like ‘Believe Me’. The making of the album was a crazy adventure itself: we didn’t have the full line-up back then, so on most of the studio days I literally had to push myself to the physical limits. Moreover, we ran out of money halfway through, and I had to apply for a private credit to finish off everything. The main philosophical message of the album was “escaping the prison of your own mind” and “never giving up” and I think the story of the recording session made these ideas even more authentic. The album was very well received and was featured in many online magazines\Spotify playlists including the renowned German that featured us as a hot newcomer act.

After its release, you focused more on releasing singles such as ‘Late Riser’ and ‘Diamond Heart’. Is it the plan that you will follow from now on? Or do you consider an album as a creative entity irreplaceable?

Rod: The creative entity of an album is indeed irreplaceable. But these are modern times, streaming already took hold of the music market. Fans are just not accustomed anymore to wait a couple of years for the ‘next release’. Following these thoughts, we decided to do some kind of a mixture. We released some singles along the way and there are more to come. However in the end, all of them will be put together with some other unreleased material in what will ultimately become our next album.

How does ‘Diamond Heart’, the last released song, reflect the evolution of the band? And also, how did you make such a catchy song?

Soma: ‘Diamond Heart’ is going towards a modern 90s grunge-influenced direction with some abstract lyrics. It is about a Budapest-based artist center that was completely demolished due to a greedy political deal. The song and music video pays a tribute to the building and all the good memories from that time.

What is the glue that unites a Hungarian and a Mexican in Berlin, and how is this multiculturalism reflected in your creations?

Rod: I’d say it all starts with Berlin. The German capital is an amazing place for musicians and artists from all over the world. I think it is exactly what makes these magic bonds happen. Even though we come from different countries and have different cultural backgrounds, we are united by our love for music and this city where we live offers us some great opportunities to pursue what we love.

Do you plan on touring the European continent and playing in Spain as well? Is it an aspiration to tour beyond Europe?

Rod: Spain, Hungary, Mexico… we are eager to play in all these and many other places. Being a musician has definitely not been easy in the last years, but we are confident that 2022 will bring some new opportunities. Who knows? Maybe we will see each other sooner than we all think.